Terms and Conditions


The Fundamentals:

  1. You must have a valid and active real estate license to use OneRealtyMedia website’s IDX solutions.
  2. MLS /Real Estate Board’s rules and regulations, must be adhered for any content of your website. It is your responsibility to check and comply any contents you created yourself i.e. media, site name, logo, write up etc…
  3. Our pricing does not include domain registrations. i.e. “www.yourdomainname.ca”. We do however configure it to work with our service for no additional cost.
  4. If any of our services or pricing change, we will give you a 30 days notice. This excludes any add-on or optimization we provide from time to time to enhance your website’s performance. (we assume you will be happy with that)
  5. You can cancel the monthly subscription anytime, there’s no contract term. No refund for partial monthly usage. 24 hours notice required if you are at the end of the month, to avoid getting charged for the next billing cycle. Please see below regarding termination.

Service Standards:

  1. Listing upload service is our Top Priority Task. It is done the same day within 3 hours if you submit the request during our operation hours (send them by 4:59pm and have same day upload). After hour upload requests will be done the next day, within 3 hours after our starting hours. (Upload is usually done in less than 2 hours)
  2. When you use our real estate services – photo/video/floor plan, they will be uploaded automatically to your website without you notifying us. You will receive a notification email for the completion of the service. If you use other 3rd party services, remember to send the media to us.
  3. Our HDR Photo Service and Floor Plan Service has a maximum of 24 hour turnaround time after shoot / measurement.
  4. Our 4K POV video Service has a maximum of 5 days turnaround time after shoot. Unless a voice-over by client is ordered.
  5. Listing Uploads can be converted to blog post uploads. i.e. if your quota is 4 listing uploads per month and you only use 2, send us 2 blog post write ups, images and/or links to video, we will upload them and set them up for you (optimization included).
  6. When your active listings uploaded by us are sold, transferring them to your sold page is included, if you have a sold page. Remember to notify us by email. (Again, just drop us a single line i.e.: Subject Line: Sold R1234567 (or address)  Message Body: Don’t need to write anything!)


  1. The client is to comply and adhere to all local, provincial and national MLS rules and regulations including but not limited to the use of MLS reciprocity service.
  2. Charges and fees, if any, imposed by MLS to “Agent” required by the MLS and/or the real estate board(s) for MLS reciprocity access are the client’s sole responsibility.
  3. At OneRealtyMedia (“1RM”) we do not submit anything on behalf of the client to Paragon or MLS.
  4. We do not access to Paragon or MLS on behalf of the client.
  5. Any changes made to MLS after listing upload will not be updated unless you notify us. It is your responsibility to make sure the accuracy of your listing. (Unless you opt for automatic listing)
  6. We do not offer dormant account.
  7. By using our services you give express agreement to indemnify and save harmless 1RM and its related companies and personnel from liability of any damages or loss caused directly or indirectly by using our services.
  8. The use of 1RM’s website solutions is for our intended clients – real estate agents and their representatives, for the sole purpose of promoting and advertising their real estate services. Other uses on our platform such as hosting and streaming media not related to real estate services are not encouraged and can result in service suspension or termination.
  9. OneRealtyMedia and its parent company, subsidies and staffs makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, with its delivery of contents including media and text unless the source of the contents is directly created or authorized to use by OneRealtyMedia. You hereby agree all services are provided to you without any warranty or recourse other than what is expressed specifically.
  10. By using our services you, the client, acknowledge and agree that while we upload your listing for you and be as reliable as we can, the accuracy and the liability of the content is your sole responsibility. We strongly recommend you to double check your own creations as well as any uploads once they are live. Notify us promptly of any mistakes and changes.
  11. The client agrees, with the Basic, Starter and Pro Package, to display 1RM’s logo on the footer part of the website in which containing our url or, with the other packages display a text “Website designed by OneRealtyMedia” in which containing 1RM’s url, for promotional purposes. Only at the Custom and Portal level we would consider a discrete provider term.
  12. Copyright – It is the client’s sole responsibility to make certain that any contents you use on our website including but not limited to images and texts, are complying with appropriate copyright laws. 1RM is not responsible for litigation arise from anything you uploaded or we uploaded for you, other than the contents or files that are originated from 1RM.
  13. The client is solely responsible for any languages, verbiages, images, videos and illustrations created by the client that are deemed offensive or inappropriate, in the blog post or any other part of the website accessible by the client.
  14. At this point in time we do not offer any backup service for individual site. Please refer to “Termination” below.
  15. By using 1RM’s website services you agree and acknowledge that while we strive to provide the best services possible, network related services interruption happen from time to time that goes beyond our control. Events such as server downtime, network interruption, cyber attack on server level etc… which will have an affect your website’s active state. We work with our cloud server team closely and will always try to restore service as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately this is the nature of internet.


  1. Monthly subscription is to be paid on the 1st of month unless otherwise expressed and agreed on a written agreement by 1RM and the client (i.e. for Enterprise Solution). Failure to pay in a timely manner will trigger service suspension.
  2. Shall your website solution becomes suspended due to no payment for an extended period, a re-connection fee of $39 + gst will be charged before the service can be restored. If your website is suspended for more than 15 days, it will be terminated.
  3. For e-Transfer, submit your payment to [email protected]
  4. For credit card payment, complete and return this credit card authorization form.


  1. The client can terminate monthly subscription anytime with a written and signed notice. No refund for partial monthly usage.
  2. If you are to terminate our website service by the end of the month, do so with a minimum 24 hours notice before the 1st of the following month to avoid charge for the next billing cycle.
  3. We DO NOT provide backup file service. All theme and design files belong to OneRealtyMedia. The content is yours so you can download the web pages and media files directly from the website. Only exception is the client with custom and portal package, which we do provide a copy if requested at termination. Once terminated everything is destroyed.
  4. The termination notice will trigger your site and all files to be deleted permanently without any means for recovery. 1RM does not keep a backup of your data after termination. Download all your files and write ups before submitting a termination notice.
  5. 1RM reserves the right to refuse, suspend and terminate the client’s website service at its sole discretion, shall 1RM deem the content and uses violate the laws, rules and regulations; or not complying with its terms and conditions after appropriate notices.

The terms and conditions are subject to change without further notice, unless such change is service/price related.

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